Fall Real Estate Conference


The 2015 Boulder Valley Real Estate Conference was on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 and focused upon current issues affecting the residential and commercial real estate. Participants could earn 6 VanEd credits by attending. Click Here to view the PowerPoints from this year’s conference on our multimedia page, including the following:

* The latest local forecasts on residential housing sales, listings, and commercial space.

  • D.B. Wilson, Residential Forecast
  • Angela Topel, Commercial Forecast

* Commercial and residential construction projects are slated for Boulder Valley communities.

  • Roger Caruso, Breaking Ground
  • Aaron DeJong, Breaking Ground
  • Elaine McLaughlin, Breaking Ground
  • Clint Folsom, Breaking Ground
  • Paula Mehle, Breaking Ground
  • David Shinneman, Breaking Ground
  • David Starnes, Breaking Ground

* National trends for mortgage and housing markets, and the economy.

  • Paul Bishop, The View From Washington

* Colorado’s housing market for 2016.

  • John Covert, The View From Denver

* Growing demographics affect home prices, transportation, schools, communications, higher ed and community health.

  • Cindy DeGroen, Market Movers
  • Audrey DeBarros, Market Movers
  • Frances Draper, Market Movers
  • Clint Folsom, Market Movers
  • Bruce Messinger, Market Movers
  • Tom Roiniotis, Market Movers
  • Robert Vissers, Market Movers

* Causes of the lack of inventory and how Realtors are responding.

  • Jay Kalinski, Top Reasons There’s No Inventory
  • Duane Duggan, Top Reasons There’s No Inventory
  • Kelly Moye, Top Reasons There’s No Inventory

* The region’s commercial experts discussed how they do what they do to succeed in their growing industry. PowerPoints were not used for this presentation. Speakers included:

  • Bruce Dierking, Icons of Real Estate
  • Lou Dellacava, Icons of Real Estate
  • Becky Gamble, Icons of Real Estate
  • Scott Holton, Icons of Real Estate
  • Stephen Tebo, Icons of Real Estate

* Local politics, policies and proposals impact on future growth. PowerPoints were not used for this presentation. Speakers included:

  • Chris Wood, Politics and Policy
  • Suzy Ageton, Politics and Policy
  • Bob Greenlee, Politics and Policy
  • Sam Weaver, Politics and Policy
  • Mary Young, Politics and Policy

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Watch this site for the time and location of the 2016 Boulder Valley Real Estate Conference!

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